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When exporting your product you should be aware that the distribution channels may differ from country to country.

The decision as to whether one or the other form of distribution is best suited, is not only dependent on the particular situation of the foreign market, but also on the type of product and the budget, which represents the foreign markets available.

We offer an extensive consultation as regards the länderspeziefischen distribution, possible solutions and an organization of direct / indirect export your product in the selected CIS country.

As one of the marketing possibilities of direct export is to be considered. Under direct export means the sale of the product directly to foreign customers, often with the involvement of a sales representative or reseller. This presents some advantages:

  1. Treasury control over sales outlet possible;
  2. Direct relationship with the market and customers;
  3. influence on the further development of sales;
  4. Once decreases risk of business;
  5. Self Image setup possible in the target market;
  6. Improving getting to know the foreign market, which can have a positive impact on new sales strategy.

For smaller companies, the Foreign Market Development seems to make sense in the form of an export co. It includes the following joint activity with a business partner:

  1. common market studies, trade shows and advertising campaigns
  2. Common employment of foreign representatives
  3. cost-effective processing of Foreign Affairs
  4. better sales opportunities through the Export range bound together



  1.  no competition, complementary product range
  2.  similar interests based on market


As for the other channels, following options are available:

Licensing: is well suited in cases when the export eg For cost reasons not worth it. Prerequisite: appropriate licensee with ansässigem foreign companies.

Joint Venture is well suited in cases where the law of the country you restrict the import. The joint venture is a good chance with the foreign partner to produce the required by the foreign market products and / or distribute.

Foreign branch: Foreign direct investment. Advantages: opportunity to participate in public procurement, large markets and customers, bypassing state trade barriers against imported products, etc .. But: the establishment of a foreign production and distribution facility is only recommended if now extensive experience has been gained in this market.

We would like to assist you with your sales, as we provide the following services with quality and market knowledge:

  • Presentation of suitable partners from abroad, eg establishing an export co. On the basis of the profiles submitted you decide who you want to contact concerning the joint distribution;
  • identifying wholesalers, distributors and other foreign companies that might be interested in your product;
  • soliciting, initiating business;
  • presentation of your products at the selected potential business partners;
  • handling of export and import legal issues;
  • Preparation of the product for export;
  • Development of purchase and delivery;
  • Support in the payment processing (eg escrow, making international payments, etc.);
  • Support in contacts with decision makers and authorities, monitoring in the approval process;
  • arranging legal and tax advisors and other experts.


In some cases, we take even the commercial agency. Talk to us on it, we are pleased to make your business more successful.

We offer flexible pricing for our services:
• hourly wage;
• Work on commission (eg a trade office);
• fixed amount which is determined by the range of tasks before the order.

The pricing for our services is oriented to the usual remuneration for employees of export and sales department.
For questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Import, contract manufacturing, manufacturing (production) abroad
Typical goal of any business is profit and profit maximization.

For production company is always to reduce production costs in Focus.
For a trading company to an even better shopping resource without quality loss could contribute to the further success.
For a service company would be a way to increase profits by expanding its offering or is made even more attractive, for example, can by offering additional services cheap or through the mediation of high quality and cheap items you include in their portfolios and even greater appeal to those interested parties.

We would be pleased to support you on your way to your success by offering you open the doors to other countries and show you new ways:

New cheap sources of supply
Looking for new cheap sources of supply abroad?

Our services for you:

  • Training for new suppliers, manufacturers, suppliers or sources of supply; If desired, short Profiles / full company profiles can be created on the eligible enterprises.
  • Search in selected countries on the desired import goods;
  • Requirement of patterns and offers;
  • Support in telecommunications and negotiations. Support the conclusion of the contract and payment processing.
  • We organize your business so that you are no longer dependent on further assistance.
  • Provision of cheap and reliable trucking companies from Near East and Nordafrika;

In identifying potential business partners, we take the clarification of the following topics / questions as a guide for the conduct of further discussions:

  • Price / performance ratio in the mediation of imported goods;
  • The extent to German quality standards are stopped in the product?
  • Warranty period, if applicable handling of complaints;
  • This high-quality certificates for products.



 The price of the identification of potential business partners (interesting sources: new suppliers, manufacturers, suppliers and the like) is the company’s performance and reasonable amounts from 1210 Euro plus 19% VAT.

At the request we ask you politely to release the following information. This makes it easier for us to process your request quickly and goal-oriented and to make a reasonable estimate:


  1. Detailed description of the needed goods (incl. Description of the material, the individual parts, possibly drawing or photo)
  2. Your specific requirements for new business partners;
  3. Your conditions of cooperation;
  4. Your asking price and quantity demand for the goods;

For questions or suggestions regarding the cheap sources of supply in Near-East and North-Africa countries, we are happy to help you.

For international companies that work with business partners worldwide, we offer the following services office:

  • We provide the complete correspondence and communication with the Eastern European business partners on your behalf. We’ll give you the complete correspondence in German and in any normal business form (according to your wish like text on CD, DVD, by e-mail, mail, etc.) for further processing.
  • We call for you to edit e-mail messages, etc. You or your business partner will each receive a call note or next to the original mail a translated version in German.
  • We plan, organize and coordinate your business contacts with arabic-French-Englisch-speaking business partners.

Advantages at a glance:

  • You no longer need to language barriers and correspondence translation / correspondence guide to care.And now our knowledge of the culture and mentality of people a good business climate.
  • You must set an expensive specialist personnel and pay only actual services rendered.
  • Our translation services are much cheaper than expensive domestic translation agencies, because we do a lot of the translations abroad cost under the constant supervision of highly qualified translators.
  • To ensure that our services be transparent to you, we constantly create a performance report, from which you can always take note.

For further questions we are happy to help you.

Whether import or export: For questions about the customs Tageco GmbH is your partner. As a full service agency advises the team Tageco individual and always offers the right solution – so your global supply at national borders not stalled. Discover the extensive range of Tageco GmbH and convince yourself of one of the largest independent providers of European customs solutions in top quality!
Interest or intend abroad a company to establish a branch etc. For the companies, which are suitable for work abroad countries (Middle East, North Africa), we offer the following services:

  • We assess the overall situation of the industry.
  • We develop market development concepts incl. Admission requirements and barriers.
  • We will check and optimize existing marketing strategies.
  • We develop business plans for business activities abroad.
  • We create opportunity and risk analyzes.
  • We analyze the key market participants.
  • We analyze production volumes and dynamics.
  • We create price analysis.
  • We search for factors that influence the development of the industry.
  • We give estimates of the development forecast for the industry.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Through knowledge of the regulatory structures in the Middle-East and North Africa (Iraq, Saudie Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Tunisia, …) we can obtain accurate information needed and worked up makes sense for you.
  • We work closely with chambers of commerce, analysts and lawyers from the respective countries.
  • We offer an informed and updated information base that you can use for your strategies and decisions. Together with our partners we can organize information searches on site.
  • We prepare the information gathered for you in an economically meaningful and understandable.
  • We help you realistically assess opportunities and risks.
  • All of our services are included translation of all documents in the German language.


For further questions we are happy to help you.

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Information sources:

  • Information from state bodies and chambers of commerce
  • Official and unofficial sources
  • Various statistical databases
  • Open sources within the country: the press, books, etc.
  • The respective macroeconomic statistics
  • Legal databases